Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coffins... Coffins filled with earth

In the classic 1922 vampire horror movie, Nosferatu, the vampire Count Orlok travels with multiple coffins—some of which are filled with only dirt and one of which also contains Count Orlok. The Count's guest, Thomas Hutter, discovers in The Book of the Vampires that the source of a vampire's power is the soil in which he was buried.

Shannon Eakins, Coffins... Coffins filled with earth, Tacoma dirt, Las Vegas dirt, polymer clay, postage, 2009.

Shannon Eakins lives and attends school in Las Vegas where she is paler and much, much older than those around her.

Undead is a group exhibition inspired by braineaters and bloodsuckers. On view from October 7 - 31, 2009 in the Telephone Room Gallery. Viewable by appointment almost anytime—don't be scared, email us at

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