Friday, October 30, 2009


Peter Lynch is a musician and sound designer in Seattle whose band "Library Science" fends off the zombie tendencies of lacklustre crowds at local rock shows with flashing lights and dancey beats.

"My brother just had twins and the baby monitor is a permanent fixture in whatever room he spends his time. I was going to do something with baby monitors, but ended up discovering the prenatal heart monitor while shopping for used baby monitors and thought that could be much more interesting.

'Fearpump' is a prenatal heart monitor linked to a postmortem soundtrack through the participant's heartbeat. The heartbeat is the first exposure we have to rhythm before we are even born. It may have been the catalyst for music to be invented. In this way, I hoped to make a thing where the heartbeat was somehow interacting with and mutating music.

The movie score I wrote is for a short film called 'El Borracho' which isn't released yet. It is a zombie film wherein the hero keeps his blood thin through alcoholism and saves himself from contagion."
—Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch, Fearpump [Your heartbeat mutates the score to "El Borracho", a zombie film]. Prenatal heart monitor, CD player, audio signal processors, excerpts from the score to "El Borracho" (2009, short film by Will Hoppins), headphones, red latex paint. 2009.

Undead is a group exhibition inspired by braineaters and bloodsuckers. On view from October 7 - 31, 2009 in the Telephone Room Gallery. Viewable by appointment almost anytime—don't be scared, email us at

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